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Last Meal (Karuna 23.8.2008-3.12.2008)

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First shown in: Retrospective in Helsinki City Art Museum Tennis Palace, Helsinki, Finland, 28 November 2008 – 25 January 2009

Last Meal (Karuna 23.8.2008-3.12.2008) was one of the new installations in the retrospective Anne Koskinen – Familie Koskinen in Helsinki City Art Museum Tennis Palace 28.11.2008 – 25.1.2009.
The piece consists of 13 bronze casts of mice and a rat in mouse or rat traps. The sculptures are dated according to the day the animals were killed
Karuna 23.8.2008
Karuna 25.9.2008
Karuna 25.9.2008
Karuna 26.9.2008
Karuna 27.9.2008
Karuna 29.9.2008
Karuna 9.10.2008
Karuna 19.10.2008
Karuna 3.11.2008
Karuna 4.11.2008
Karuna 4.11.2008
Karuna 2.12.2008
Karuna 3.12.2008
bronze casts and mouse or rat traps, 13 parts, various sizes, total width of installation appr. 735 cm, 2008

Thanks to: Finnish Cultural Foundation

Collection: Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland