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Visual artist Anne Koskinen is FCINY’s artist-in-residence from March to April 2018

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The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York, NY, USA

Even though her most recent body of works, Findlings, might prove the opposite, Anne Koskinen doesn’t identify herself as a sculptor. In her art, Koskinen aims to get as close as possible to what she calls the zero point. Koskinen hews natural stone: not adding anything to the sculptures, only taking away. Koskinen’s works have their starting point in words and concepts, and thereafter she uses different materials and techniques to articulate the ideas. “I first and foremost make conceptual art, even though I do create concrete art objects.”

Koskinen’s recent exhibitions include a solo show In Need of a Guardian at Galerie Anhava in Helsinki, alongside group exhibitions at the Kunsthalle Helsinki and EMMA Espoo Museum of Modern Art. Koskinen’s education is versatile. In her own words, Koskinen has studied a little bit of everything, and this also reflects her approach to making art. Koskinen is curious to study and try out various materials in order to realize her ideas.

Koskinen’s previous work has often addressed the relationship between the original and copy, and she will continue to explore this theme further while in New York. “I am especially intrigued by the idea of fashion, hairstyles and make up as an expression of freedom, individuality and authenticity, as a way of seeking approval from others or even as a tool for oppression and cultural appropriation.” Koskinen’s aim is to explore the different neighborhoods and their distinctive styles, and then later use these findings as material for new body of works.

The Finnish Cultural Institute in New York operates in the fields of contemporary art, design and architecture, creating dialogue between Finnish and American professionals and audiences.